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THE LORD IS MY_________


At Capon Springs CFO last fall, I led creative writ-

ing. I asked participants to fill in the blank above and

write what God gave them. Our dear friend Wayne

Heberlig, retired Methodist pastor who crafts lovely

things from wood, gave us permission to share this.


I shall be made into something beautiful.

He pulls me from His lumber pile and puts me on

His table saw.

He saws away parts unnecessary to His purpose.

He routs beautiful designs on me and

dovetails my edges.

He uses His best glue-


-to join me to other

pieces which He has similarly designed and crafted.

Once the glue dries, I am permanently not just a

"me", I have become part of an "us.

With expert precision He shaves us.

Then He sands us-_-first with 80, then 120,

then 220 grit paper.

He applies the stain that will permanently change

how we look to the world.

He adds layers of His finish and buffs us until we

are smooth and shiny.

He takes His burning iron and on our back

He identifies just whose workmanship we are.

Yea, as we get moved from place to place, we will

continue as a reminder of the One who created us.

And because the craftsman was Jesus, we shall

forever have a place of honor in the Father's house!


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