Ruth and I feel SO blessed that all our children and grandchildren live just minutes from us!  Some friends’ kids live in states far away, so they only get to see each other once or twice a year.

Clark finished his master’s in English and now we are praying for a good job for him.
Amy is preparing to resume
her work with One A-Chord Choir
this fall. Pray that they can do so. Norm’s health is better; he is taking therapy to   increase his strength and stamina.

Moye has had some chronic headaches for the last few months. Her doctor thinks it is related to the stress of having to wear double masks for her work among other things. Please pray for her healing. Lavon helps us so much as well as his mom. Preston and Courtney are slowly upgrading their house. They have two really cute kittens. Grant is working for Staples in Lancaster this summer. He will be a senior at Liberty University this fall. Carson now works full-time at the supermarket and is a shift manager. We are so proud of them all.

In our spring newsletter, we asked for prayer for Ruth’s brother Billy. He had been hospitalized for a suspected stroke. We are praising the Lord that tests showed no evidence of stroke. He quickly came home and continues to do well.
Thank you for praying.
We continue to be amazed at how Father blesses us financially!

Although we now only rarely earn an honorarium, our board still provides
each of us a small weekly salary;
and with social security, we get by.
We are so grateful for faithful
friends who have committed to
bless us; some of them have supported us for decades!

We were able to replace the tub in the master bath with a walk-in shower to make entry and exit safer. We hope soon to get excess items out of our garage so we can get both cars inside come winter. That’ll be a big job, and it will be tight. But we hope we can do so!