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Statement of Faith

PRAISE UNLIMITED – Wayne West Ministries, Inc.


The board of Praise Unlimited affirms the following truths to be our guidelines for our faith and for practicing the Christian life as we fulfill our mission.


1. We believe the Bible to be God’s infallible Word revealed to man. It is the only sufficient 
guide to faith and practice.


2. We believe that there is only one true and living God. He eternally exists and manifests  Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the creator and ruler of all things. We  believe that God is a loving Father, and that He so loved the world that He sent His Son  to die for man’s sin, thus redeeming him and granting him eternal life.


3. We believe that Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He has always existed as One with the  Father, and His attributes are co-equal to those of the Father and the Holy Spirit. 
Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born of the Virgin Mary. He was, and is, fully  God and fully man. He died on the cross to save men from sin; He was buried; but He  was raised from the dead on the third day by the power of the Holy Spirit. He ascended  into heaven, where He now sits at the Father’s right hand to intercede for us. He   promised to return one day to take all who love and trust Him home with Him.


4. We believe that the eternal Holy Spirit of God indwells every true believer from the time he  first trusts Christ as his Savior. He thus makes us part of Christ’s Body, the church. He  enables us to pray and to understand the Bible, guiding us as we serve the Lord among  men. He graciously fills those who surrender themselves to Him, manifesting His gifts  and graces through us as we obey His promptings.


5. We believe that The Church consists of everyone who truly trusts in the blood that Jesus  shed on the cross as the only way of salvation. The church has a sacred mission and 
obligation to share the gospel with everyone since no one can be saved apart from  Christ’s atoning sacrifice.


6. We believe that God has called us to live holy, productive lives which will bless others and 
cause them to desire to know Christ also. We believe that we are to worship God in  private devotions as well as in concert with other believers.


7. We believe in the resurrection of the body and in the joy of everlasting life to come.

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