Mark your calendar for January 21-23 and start planning now to attend! Resume the fellowship, laughter, praising, teaching, tears, and everything else that makes this retreat such a blessing to so many!

Each year the retreat leaders do a special presentation for Saturday night fun time.

2022 Womens Retreat Pamphlet

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We thought it would bless you to be reminded of their 2015 performance:


The Music Box Song
Sung to the tune: Red River Valley

Here’s a box that belongs to our family,
It’s a place where small treasures can hide;
But it’s more than an object of beauty, For it carries a secret inside.
When it’s closed it is pretty to look at;
Though attractive, it can’t make a sound.
When it’s opened, the music starts playing,
Provided the spring has been wound.
All God’s women should try to look pretty
Even though we are vessels of clay,
We are filled with new life from our Father,
So we honor and praise Him each day.
We don’t want to remain closed and silent;
Prayer and worship can wind up my spring.
Jesus, open me up for Your glory,
Daily help me Your praises to sing.

Written by Wayne West
Performed by Ruth West, Amy Fennimore, Moye Stauffer, and Debbie Sue Dickson